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Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications

Global Companies


Internal Communications and Strategic Marketing


Informatics Studio designed and developed internal and external communications for this global corporation. We have translated a globally recognized corporate identity as a powerful vehicle for delivering internal communications, including training, career development, employee handbooks and executive recruitment, and developed the design standards that Bayer uses to communicate with employees at over 60 sites in the US and Canada.

We have also developed external communications aimed at increasing awareness of Bayer’s operation across pharmaceuticals, medical devices, research, chemicals and manufacturing through integrated public outreach and recruiting.


Corporate Design Standards, Proxy Statement, Foundation Communications


Recognized for our information design expertise, we worked closely with Alcoa’s corporate communications leaders to design and develop their Annual Report Proxy Statement. We’ve also worked with Alcoa Foundation to engineer and streamline community engagement around the globe.

Utilizing world-class visual design and information engineering, our team worked closely with the Alcoa communications team to shape information for utility and impressive functionality.


Retail Marketing and Product Design


Through a chance meeting between like-minded creative directors on a beach in Mexico, Informatics Studio was asked to develop a new t-shirt line for Target Stores by their retail strategists at the Minneapolis headquarters.

Our approach was to design a series of strong visual graphics with subtle (and not so subtle!) humor to appeal to the teen and early 20’s international market.



Since 1987, Syniverse Technologies has become a global leader in mobile interoperability, mobile communications and mobile expertise. As a global corporation, the company wanted to extend its mobile capabilities to collect, quantify and present detailed data on specific consumer behaviors to strategically market to individuals as part of the consumer experience. Syniverse asked Informatics Studio to apply principled design thinking to the creation of an innovative user-experience model and application interface for their consumer insights business intelligence platform.

The web-based platform simplifies the complex task of exploring big data and offers a variety of visualizations that interpret information and enhance understanding. A highly-customizable dashboard provides at-a-glance presentations of real-time data sets, while tools enable users to query, filter and drill-down into segmented areas of consumer interests and behaviors.

Corporate Communications

Start-ups and Mid-sized Companies


Technical Marketing


Working closely with the Dravo ThioClear Technical team and corporate marketing, Informatics Studio designed and developed a technical marketing brochure that explained the benefits and value of the company’s proprietary ThioClear technology. The enactment of the federal air pollution control regulations in the 1970’s prompted Dravo’s Technology Research Center to explore and find a better process for flue gas desulfurization (FGD) in lime manufacturing.

Utilizing our information design skills and ability to clearly illustrate complex processes with superb visual design, we created create a clear, compelling presentation to market Dravo’s innovative technology across the country and around the world.

Duquesne Light

Consumer Energy Marketing


Duquesne Light is a leading regional retail energy service provider. Informatics Studio has designed and developed program branding and marketing and communications for the company.

Utilizing a smart approach that combined the meaningful presentation of information in bite-sized pieces and well-drawn graphics, we positioned them for success in the competitive retail energy market.

Riverside Glass

Retail Marketing


Riverside Glass is a specialty glass retailer that sells its private label products to high-end hotels, restaurants and businesses. Informatics worked closely with the company’s lead designers and owners to create it’s catalogue of specialty products.

Our concept emphasized the visual and tactile beauty of their glass, while creating a useful catalogue for those who want to differentiate their consumers’ experience.

Lovely Logos


Creating logos is a very principled activity and requires a sophisticated and highly skilled designer. A logo has to stand on its own while, at the same time, compliment all kinds of typographic information and work within every kind of media.

It should be sophisticated, unique, and present a clear corporate personality and affinity with its target audiences. As a front-line introduction to your company, it should resonate with durability, quality and professionalism.